Hundreds of Cubans protest outside the Vatican after being prevented from entering Pope Francis’ congregation

Hundreds of Cubans protest outside the Vatican after being prevented from entering Pope Francis’ congregation

More than a hundred Cubans protested outside the Vatican this Sunday After the Guardian of the Holy See blocked access to Pope Francis’ Angel’s Prayer, they sought to condemn the regime’s repression. Announced by Radio Television Marty.

One of the people gathered at the Vatican, Lazaro Mireles, coordinator of the Acts for Democracy, Posted pictures On their social networks The roaring of the Cubans can be seen as a form of protest.

We kneel in front Vatican Why didn’t they let us pass, Our faith is unworthy of hearing according to the Catholic Church. This is how they divide us, those who peacefully want freedom and human rights for our people, ”the activist wrote on Twitter.

He knelt with the flag of a Cuban island that was able to enter the Plaza de San Pedro Pope Francisco Performed by Angeles, Several police officers then took it from him.

Italian news agency ANSA Report That approximately 500 Cubans from different parts of the world went to bed en The way of compromise After seeing that they were denied access to the square.

They are all wrapped in the flags of CubaAlso, create the ‘L’ sign with their fingers to hear ‘freedom’, ”the company added.

Cubans, among them YouTuber Alexander Ottola, They went to the Holy See to request a report from Pope Francis on the condition of the island, Marked by a severe economic crisis and an increase Oppression From the regime to the citizens.

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Sunday after July 11th Francisco “was close to the loving Cuban people during these difficult timesEspecially from the most vulnerable families. After praying to Angeles, I pray to the Lord to help him build peace, dialogue and unity in a more just and fraternal society.

“I ask that all of the people of Quito be handed over to the maternal care of the Virgin Mary of Corridor del Cobre. She will accompany them on this journey,” he added.

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