hurricane of happiness | basketball total

hurricane of happiness |  basketball total

In the match that meets the sixth day of the third division, the faces Marne and Atenas were seen. The first came from a fall in front of Bohemius in Pocitos, while the second fell on their last show against Paysandi at Verderogo Gymnasium. Roberto Telecia presented a quintet made up of Ivan Arbeldi, Andrés Guillen, Matteo Amarillo, Ezequiel Pinheiro and Dio Gerbau. For their part, those led by Juan Jose Rovira jumped onto the field with Luciano Planes, Martin Cunago, Joaquin Jones, Hector Silva and Manuel Monteverde. Those responsible for delivering justice are Franco Dabisogno, Gonzalo Paz and Damien Orico.

The match, which was held in the Simon Bolivar neighborhood, provided an interesting start, with both teams feeling at ease when it came to scoring. The local cast was hit by throwing Andres Gillin from over 6.75 metres, while the visiting team was hit by the paint, in the presence of Hector Silva and Manuel Monteverde. Calculating the average of the first quarter, the Palermo men scored 9-0, giving them the opportunity to open an eight-point lead. It was soon neutralized by the hurricane, thanks twice in a row at the hands of Mauro Dominguez. The low effectiveness in free exercise, especially for Moon 15, caused the Athenian team to close the first player with only two goals. Good income from the bench of Inte Arevalo and Franco Oliveira, gave Marne more defensive intensity. Those on Cibulati Street forgot to put the ball inside, which increased his opponent’s space and the fact that he did not shoot from outside, which made it very difficult for him to reach the goal. At the conclusion of the initial stage, Atenas returned to playing the way that paid off the best profits, with Silva and Monteverde penalized above and below, also taking advantage of the fact that opponents who played in that area were charged the court, for example, Tadeo Girbau and Aaron Bustelo, with mistakes.

At the beginning of the second half, the visit was in the lead on the electronic level with numbers from 39 to 38. In the first tape of the sequel, a very open process can be observed, in which both teams exchanged offense and attack. shone in their absence. The homeowner sets Domínguez on fire, while his opponent continues to dominate the indoor game. With a good streak of points from Jones, accompanied by Martin Konago, the Black Wings were able to earn a ten-point income in the middle of the third period. To further complicate the situation at the local level, both Piñeiro and Domínguez reached their fourth personal error. Between the end of the third boy and the beginning of the latter, those led by Roberto Telcia partially put 11-0, allowing them to lead the score. When La Chiquita entered the party, as our friend Álvaro Martin says, the tension began to become an additional enemy for both teams. With Khal Silva in the absence of a second, Atenas advanced a bit. In the last play, Arbeldi served sideways and saw Gerbau cut to the basket. The apprentice put up the stairs and unleashed the frenzy of the local crowd. Finally, he let Marne win 88-87 bringing his third championship win.

In the winner, Andrés Guillén’s number stood out, scoring 19 points, Tadeo Gerbau brought him back with 15 points and 7 rebounds. On the losing side, Hector Silva contributed 25 points and 10 rebounds.

The next hurricane post will be on Saturday, when I have to visit Larrañaga in the Doña Natividad Rivera. On the same day, the Athenian team will face Bohemian on stage to be decided.

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