Israel opens a new embassy; They will perform the trauma hospital in DR

Israel opens a new embassy;  They will perform the trauma hospital in DR

In the presence of the President of the Dominican Republic, Louis AbenaderIt is reported that the Israeli embassy has officially left its new facilities open, where the Israeli diplomat is located Daniel Beran He highlighted the economic and social ties that unite both countries, as well as the construction of the Cabaret Trauma Center, in Puerto Plata It will be funded by Israel and the businessmen who work there.

“We are here to stay” israel’s ambassador Which explained that this year, Israeli businessmen invested in various fields, focusing on issues such as water, agriculture and telemedicine, among others.

“This is a presence business men Israel has the decision of the Bank of Israel to grant credit to any Israeli businessman who wants to invest in the Dominican Republic, which shows that this country is on a very good path, despite the pandemic.” Moment In the central words of the verb.

He revealed that despite the case health crisis This year, more than 32 humanitarian activities have been carried out in the demarcation of various borders in the country, and before the end of 2021, Israel will donate 1.5 million Dominican pesos in Santiago and Jarabacoa to children with physical and mental disabilities.

The Israeli diplomatic headquarters in the Dominican Republic is located on Avenida Núñez de Cáceres in Edificio downtownWith an investment of over $1.5 million.

During the ceremony, President Luis Abenader along with Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez, Israeli Ambassador Daniel Perran and the head of the Jewish community, Yitzhak Rudman, led the opening with the unveiling of the plaque bearing the headquarters’ name.

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Israeli Ambassador Daniel Biran stated that the relationship between the two countries dates back to many years, as the Dominican Republic was one of the first countries to open its doors to Jewish immigrants after Nazi persecution, and that this relationship is in continuous growth through technology, commercial and cultural exchanges. Reported that offline Dominican Republic It has more than 6.000.000 people who have benefited from scholarships in Israel in various fields, which work for the development of the nation, because they automatically leave the program, and become multipliers for that knowledge they received.

During the ceremony, a video was filmed of greeting the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Yair Lapid, who extended an official invitation to President Louis Abenader and his wife Raquel Arbagi to visit Israel.

The opening ceremony of the new Israeli embassy was attended by Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez. National District Mayor, Carolina Mejia; Jose Blanco, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to his-hair-it Deputy Priscilla de Olio; Frank Ranieri, ambassador of the Knights of Malta, among other dignitaries.

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