Hyundai Tucson 2022: first impressions

Hyundai Tucson 2022: first impressions

Hyundai, the largest automaker in South Korea, introduced the new car Tucson 2022, Its best-selling model worldwide. On Digital Trends in Spanish We had the opportunity to test it and these are our first impressions.

At Hyundai, they were so creative when the Tucson 2022 was revealed specifically in the city it takes its name from. Simply put, it is a well-designed, well thought-out vehicle aimed at a well thought out user. Hyundai lists it as Small SUVBut it is more than just a midsize truck in the Asian car lineup (huge models like the Tahoe, Suburban or Infiniti were excluded).

This is the fourth generation Tucson, and as mentioned earlier, it’s an SUV with an intention: the outlines give it a touch of aggressiveness but at the same time a well-defined style. Although they conform on the outside, we usually rate the cars on the inside, for the comfort and convenience of the driver, as well as displaying the information in the vehicle.

In this section it is worth noting that it is very spacious and can accommodate five passengers; Those who occupy both the front and rear seats – lined with perforated leather that makes them look so great – will travel in comfort. Cargo volume also shines at 38.7 cubic feet.

As for technology, it is full of screens. The dashboard behind the steering wheel is a screen, the infotainment section of course is a screen, and the air conditioning and heating systems … are also controlled by a screen. Although there are still those who prefer buttons – the Tucson 2022 has very few buttons – screens are the present and the future.

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Hyundai Tucson 2022

The infotainment system is very intuitive, as it includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The only thing it doesn’t have is Wi-Fi, which although a luxury, today it is a way to stay connected, especially on long trips where the signal gets lost.

The Tucson 2022 tested is a hybrid car in the $ 38,000 range that will be available this summer. It has a petrol version, but we recommend the hybrid, because this type of car is the bridge through which we must travel to leave behind combustion vehicles and choose fully electric cars. The plug-in hybrid battery produces a range of 32 miles and fuel economy of 70 miles per gallon.

In general, the truck is very popular, because it is elegant, has various iterations, comfortable and luxurious seats, while the interior lines and screens are that special touch between sophistication and functionality. The car can be very advanced, but not very practical and vice versa; This is not the case with the Tucson 2022, as both features are very present.

We’ll give a full review of this truck later, but our first impressions are totally welcome. We expect success for Hyundai with the 2022 Tucson.

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