Putin warns the United States that it will regret deciding to cross the “red line”

Putin warns the United States that it will regret deciding to cross the “red line”

Moscow, Russia.

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, Warned today West He will regret any provocation and the Kremlin will respond accordingly. “Asymmetrical, fast and hard “ If any country decides to cross “Red Lines”.

“We don’t want to Bridges, burning But if someone pretends that our good intentions are indifference or weakness Burn those bridges, They need to know the answer Russia It will be asymmetrical, fast and hard. “The president spoke about the state of the country before the federal legislature.

They will regret it Because they haven’t done it in a long time, ”he warned.

State developments and co-operation

At the focused address International spread In the socio-economic context of the country, Putin avoided mentioning the increase Russian military presence On top of that Border with UkraineThis does not mean that the West is worried or that the imprisoned opposition leader’s health is deteriorating. Alexei Navalny.

“Actions do not stop Friendship against Russia. Attempts for any reason or for any reason Crime on RussiaIt has become a kind of game between some countries, “he said.

“But I hope no one decides to ignore the call Red line In rRelations with Russia “, Pune Manesh confirmed in the chamber in front of ministers, delegates, senators and regional leaders that he would be there. Kremlin decider “Every case“Where the border Patience from Moscow.

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Putin also wanted to underline his view of part-time behavior in the West, which did not rule out the possibility. “Plot” Condemned last week by Minsk and Moscow, one of which Plan to assassinate Dictatorial Belarusian leader, Alexander Lukashenko.

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“Organizing procedure The success of the state, Political assassination plans (…) are already high. They have crossed all boundaries, “said Putin.

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