“I am very happy at Urban”

“I am very happy at Urban”

In Urban’s victory over Olivier Mundial, Hernando Caceres was one of the highlights. After the match, speak with Básquet Total.

At the start of the team 3-0, he left: “It’s a great start for the team. Previously we said to win our first two home games, one from Trouville, we stole it because we didn’t play a good game but we closed it well. Today’s match was to defend him, they have good scorers, they are difficult to score, but after a good defense and our work we managed to get out of it.“.

The key was in defense, we always had the help, and the message was that if they broke one of us, there was another to cooperate and that’s what happened. He trained a lot and there we started attackingHe commented on where the game went.

Tonight they didn’t need as much foreigners, as well-do nationals pushed back and forth the team forward. In this regard, he said:We were very solid. I think Urban has the peculiarity that one day it’s one’s night, the other someone else’s play, and the rest of us go along. Personally, I don’t care about my game, what I want is to win, and if it happens in the dressing room we are all happy“.

I am very happy at Urban. People’s support is unique. Since the last metro I came, I have said that the atmosphere of the club is incomparable. This is what prompted me to renew, along with the continuity of Esteban and the team that was formed togetherFrom your personal moment.

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About the facility, he said:Everyone knows what their mission is and what they have to do. We are not a team that scores big goals, that’s why we have to build from defense“.

Thank you very much for your support and love. We aim to score all the points at home. We ask you to continue to support and trustA message to the people of Pando.

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