“I made so much to go back to Bigua.”

“I made so much to go back to Bigua.”

Bigua won a big victory over Olympia, despite the losses he faced in the match. After the match ended, Básquet Total spoke to Ivan Llorente, who was one of the team’s personalities.

In the first sensations after victory, Laurent commented: “It was a very difficult game because Olympia was doing very well, they have known each other for years and they are a team that plays great and Gerardo (Gori) is a coach who leads very well. We have many casualties due to injuries, but anyway, the team did a job.” Wonderful, we were able to develop the things that Hernan (La Ginestra) asked of us and I think it paid off to win the match. “

On how the victims were absorbed into the squad, Evan said: “Without a doubt, the losses we’re taking are very important. We knew we didn’t have a lot of spare parts, especially the big ones. The key was to be focused and intense from the start, disrespecting the opponent and being too strong in the head. Luckily, the team did.” So in a wonderful way, everyone did their job and we were able to win. ”.

About Donald Sims’s impressive performance, “Picot” commented: “Donald has played a tremendous game, he is a player I would love to see him play because apart from being top-tier he adds a lot to the team because he is such a great person. Sometimes they adjust their defense well, but he’s a very smart player, who knows how to get out of the way and shoot.” Repayments. “

Laurent was the key on the ocean, placing points and leading to play, About how he looked, he said: “Personally, I tried to do my best during the match, and I had good decisions like everyone else, but I am very happy for the team. We worked a lot in the week to be able to play in the best way in this match and leave with a very precious win.”

And about how he lives to return to the club, the striker said: “The truth is, I am very happy to be back. I have been out of Bigua for eight years and it was really surprised because it is a club I was born into since I played almost all the squads here. When I learned that they called me back, it was a huge joy. I got so much prepared to go back to Bigua physically and mentally and I knew I can have minutes inside the team. I try to do my best every day to improve, and I feel very happy about that. “

Finally, Laurent mentioned the loss of Alberto Sunsole: “Personally, it was something that made me so bad. As soon as I knew it, I fell into tears honestly because he is someone I have known for many years, and as a basketball rapporteur, there is not and will not be like him. Maybe Lali (Sunsol) will follow the same path as his father because he has his way of communicating, But I think Alberto is unique and will be missed a lot in the environment.His stories were unique, they touched everyone.In these moments of pandemic, his way of conveying the story was perfect because even though there were no people on the field, the emotion he put into The games were tremendous. He sent a big kiss to Lali and all of her family and without any doubt we will miss him a lot. “

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