Patley Grammar School parents call for calm after an uproar over Muhammad’s picture used in the lesson | UK News

Patley Grammar School parents call for calm after an uproar over Muhammad’s picture used in the lesson |  UK News

A group of parents of the Batley Grammar School called for calm after a teacher showed off a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad Ali students.

The photo was shown to children by a teacher in a religious studies class as part of a discussion about blasphemy on March 22.

Paid Protests outside the school in West YorkshireAnd an apology from the school and suspension of the teacher involved.

Pictures of Muhammad are considered offensive to Muslims.

On Sunday evening, Yunus Lunat, a spokesperson for the Union of Fathers and Community Partnerships in Batli, said that al-Muallem had failed to realize that the image was “loaded with anti-Islam domains.”

He added, “We believe that in a democratic society everyone has the right to opinion and expression, but we, as parents and citizens, also believe that these rights come with responsibility.”

“We, as parents and citizens, stand firm that our children should be able to go to school without having their faith – which is protected by law – or for their culture to be mocked, insulted or slandered.

Police have been called to the school on Thursday and Friday, as protesters have called for the teacher involved to be sacked. There were no arrests.

Protesters gathered outside the school for two days last week

Last week, Mr. Lunat expressed his fear that the incident might be “hijacked” by those anti-Muslims, a concern echoed by Labor MP for Patley and Spin Tracy Braben, who accused people of “fanning the flames” in a way that “only stirs up hatred and division.” .

“Unfortunately, unhelpful comments and biased media reports seeking to hijack the case have undermined the essential relationship between local communities and local public institutions,” said Mr. Lunat on Sunday evening.

“We are fully invested in dialogue and legitimate participation.

“Any and all of these threats against the school and concerned staff undermine our efforts and totally run counter to our values ​​as caring parents, citizens and Muslims.

We therefore call for calm to allow for a fruitful dialogue and space for a transparent investigation. “

He said that children should be allowed to “engage in difficult ideas such as blasphemy without their teachers having to use anti-Islam materials” which “only serve to marginalize Muslim societies and spread anti-Islam sentiments.”

He said that the parents were grateful for the school’s cooperation so far, adding that “initial progress” had been made, as the school removed Muhammad’s caricature from its materials and also announced a review of the religious studies curriculum.

Protesters gathered outside the Battle Grammar School in Batley, West Yorkshire, where a teacher was arrested for showing students a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad during a religious studies class.  Picture date: Friday, March 26, 2021.
The school stopped the teacher from participating and apologized

The headmaster of the school, Gary Keppel, said Thursday: “The school categorically apologizes for using a completely inappropriate image in a recent religious studies lesson, and it should not be used.

“One member of the staff has also conveyed his sincere apologies. We have immediately withdrawn teaching in this part of the course and are reviewing how we proceed with the support of all of our communities represented at our school.

“It is important for children to learn about religions and beliefs, but it must be done in a respectful and sensitive way.”

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A spokesperson for the Ministry of Education said, “Schools are free to include a full range of issues, ideas, and materials in their curricula, including when they are difficult or controversial, taking into account their obligations to ensure political balance.

“They should balance this with the need to promote respect and tolerance among people of different religions and beliefs, including identifying which materials should be used in the classroom.”

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