‘I want to die. I’m going to hang out with my sweater ‘

‘I want to die.  I’m going to hang out with my sweater ‘


“I am going to make it clear that everything I am going to talk about now is in all my statements, from Sunday to today, which I last contacted. Technical Criminal Investigation Agency“The doctor said Thursday night Edgar Jose Velasquez Orellana To the program Conclusion From CNN Velasquez is a key witness in the case Keila Martinez, Dead young man Mechanical shortness of breath According to him Ministry of Public Works.

“On Saturday, February 6, at nine o’clock in the morning, we were stopped by two men Police patrol. They signal me to stop. I focus. They ask for my documents. I will give you my medical card and my driver’s license and the documents of the car I am driving ”.

After reviewing the documents, they asked if he knew they were under curfew, according to the doctor’s account. “I answered yes, so I was already going home. The officer in charge told me some words I had ignored. I did not pay attention to it. He asked if I was going to stop talking to me. He immediately ordered us to get out of the car.”

According to the doctor, after they got out of the car, the agents opened the four doors and trunk of the car. “I asked them why they opened my car to me. I didn’t bring anything. I did nothing. Why did they do that. The officer ordered me to be handcuffed. That kind of annoyed me because they had never given me an experience like this before.” I asked why they did that Guilty”.

“He told me he believed me, who made that kind of comment? He ordered me and Keela to be brought on police patrol and an officer ordered to take my car.” Mail”.

“It’s about eleven or thirty. They handcuffed me. I was still telling them, we are in uniform. We have to take care of ourselves. You take care of me outside. The day they come to a hospital I will take care of them. They should not do things like this. We have done nothing to be treated this way. “

“I remember I mentioned to them that they were harassing me, so they asked me if anyone had hit me and I said no, but the handcuffs were going to hurt my hands.

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“Keela, all the way in the car pan, she tried to calm me down, she told me, Edgar, Doctor, be quiet, don’t argue with them, they are bothering you. Listen. She tried to calm me down the whole course we got police station”.

As soon as they entered police station, The doctor said they were taken to a person to point out their personal data. “We had three or four people then. Data have been taken from Kila from female police officers and from me from male officers. I would like to explain that they did not allow me to wear my mask at any time when they got out of the vehicle and they did not remove the handcuffs. They took my personal belongings in the data collection ”.

He later added that agents took him out and identified his car. He did not do that, and he continued to insist that he was not guilty. “They told me the university was not through you, not through the university. They took off my handcuffs the moment I signed the cards. After taking the data from Keela, The. Police women They took her to the cell. ”

Then they brought it to him. They were given adjacent cells. The first was Keela. “She was standing, caught by the wires, she was alone, she was crying. He said she did nothing. Why did they lock her up? Bring her out. Then they put me inside. Go”.

Said the doctor Go There were ten people who received it. “Before entering Go I asked three times to call me. After filling in my data, they read my rights. One of them said he was entitled to the call. I asked them and they would not let me. “

“I have never had this kind of experience. One upon entering Go Not sure what to find. Those who were with me in it Sad night They are humble, hard workers. Those who came out of work after nine o’clock and were taken to the cell for being out of curfew. ”

Edgar Velasquez He insists that both cells could be heard, but not found. In the morning they come out and what happened is only an event to laugh with friends, but she cries, the others who were with her Go They tried to encourage him.

He says they removed him after about 25 minutes Go They filmed him. After this he returned Go That’s when Keela was told to go to the bathroom and was taken away by a policeman. “She was crying and asked to be taken out.”

“I told her to sing to me and she sang well. We tried to calm her down and talk. Suddenly she said I want to die. I’m going to hang out with my sweater. I told him not to tell it. Words have power. Let’s get out of here and be quiet. Don’t say that. About three or five minutes after saying that, he never answered us again. Then we started screaming. In about ten minutes a policeman came with a flashlight and lit it Go Keela’s and quickly returned and picked up four people. They opened Go Keila and they pushed her by the weight, one person on each leg. Keela fainted. I kindly asked her to allow me to take her main symptoms, I am a doctor, they allow me to be examined, they ignored me, they did not listen to me, they left ”.

“Then someone came back and took the picture and left again. I thought Keila was taken to a hospital and she is in a better place than us. I have never imagined any tragedy. They took her away, and at six in the morning the deputy commander took charge police station He asked who the doctor was, I identified myself, asked if I had any ID card, I answered yes, why he wanted it, he said he should publish a statement. When I asked about what, she told me her friend was dead. I could not explain what it was at the time. “

Edgar Velasquez He concluded by saying that he had taken him out at seven in the morning Go They told him he was already free. Then he heard a call and talked to his father to pick him up. A Video In short, the doctor and Keela who were arrested went viral in the last hour.

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“Those in charge should go to jail”: Irma Lopez, legal representative

Legal representatives of the family Keila Martinez They demand that investigations be carried out better so that the culprits can be imprisoned.

Irma Lopez, The legal representative of the Rodriguez family said, “They were killed at the hands of the police. When they took them to the hospital emergency room, she no longer had any major symptoms. She had bruises on her body. She was already strangled, police and she was killed.” Lopez said a few hours after arriving at the police station, but the headquarters was already guarded with a large number of uniformed men.

“Attorney’s Office Ministry of Public Works The shift did not protect the scene of the crime in a timely manner, as it was a police post in that case, so the prosecutor had to act from the moment the doctors told him the condition of the body, ”said the legal guard.

Thank God and the pressure of the Indigenous people, said the lawyer Ministry of Public Works Appointed two lawyers with more experience in human rights violations.

“We are going to get the last elements of the investigation. We need these policemen. Everyone who was on duty that night should have it. They should be given scientific tests. With a broad investigation, a case should not run. Then they order the dismissal by the courts. We want a formal indictment.”

Lopez promised that they would take those in charge to jail, and they did not blame the entire national police, for which they were told to personalize the case.

Norma Rodriguez, Mother Keila MartinezHe said his daughter provided health services to several families in the town.

“She respected the authorities. It is unbelievable how she died at the hands of those who were supposed to protect her, but her death will not be punished. We will ask for help from international organizations.” Human rights, My daughter’s death should set a precedent ”.

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