“I wish there was more room for music made from the heart”: Cabas

“I wish there was more room for music made from the heart”: Cabas

Singer Andres Cabas has returned to Barranquilla to stay. He decided to be “closer” to his family, his music, his values, and above all, composition. Since his arrival he has felt “happy” and describes the city as “the best place in the world to be” in “these tough times”.

Kapas, as they get to know him, says that confinement due to the pandemic has not restricted him from composing music. His professional experience allowed him to “get a background” and compose without leaving home, because his work is based on an “inner world”. He says he now dedicates himself to “making another kind of music, reaching the heart and giving other kinds of messages” such as Amor y traición (2020) and Trato y no conigo, his latest singles.

“I’m not too interested in doing things to be more famous or to achieve a lot. It has been a very cool process because more and more of us like to listen to other music with our values ​​which is still modern but we don’t follow fashion trends just because we are in place.”

For Barranquillero, this period of composition was “nice” because he tried to “be honest” with his followers when promoting and releasing his singles. The artist highlights that thanks to this he communicated more with his audience, especially at a distance through social networks. He emphasizes this because it is “something I never had before”.

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