“I would have gone there.”

“I would have gone there.”


Kylian Mbabane Has contracted with PSG Until June and during this time you can negotiate with any other club to come in the summer. The Real Madrid French and is in excellent condition to pick up Sladen Ibrahimovic She believes the best thing for her career is to wear white.

They are filtering out the reasons why Mbappé wants to leave PSG

In a statement to the French newspaper L’Equipe ‘, Sweden revealed that he had spoken with young pioneers and suggested that he join the Meringue team.

“Mbappé asked me, ‘I told him:’ In your place, I will go to Real Madrid ‘. I had the opportunity to play for different teams and nations, with different champions. That’s how I learned and grew up. Playing your whole life at home is easy, in my opinion. You tie your suitcase. If you go to other gardens, it’s an adventure, “said the star of the show. Milan.

Similarly, Ibra said, “Everything depends on what Mbabane wants and what he thinks. I would have gone there. But if I were PSG, I would try to keep him. He will decide. PSG wants him to stay, but does he want to stay?

The senior player has no doubt that there must be other great teams Embape. ” I think there are other clubs that like him. If you are a leader, you have the way, if you do not want to take Kylian, you have the wrong job.

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