Summary of the match Monterey (1-2) against USA. Goals

Summary of the match Monterey (1-2) against USA.  Goals

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When it was thought that the United States had begun to regain its rhythm after the victory over Tolu on May 11, A new setback, now against the RiotosRaised concern again In its 2-1 victory the Monterrey team wore high Friendly game in Austin, Texas.

Both Aguilas and Bandila suffered significant casualties due to calls for national teams. Those most affected were those directed by Fernando OrtizVery particularly In the first half There the party was found to be completely unbalanced.

Vincent JohnsonThe player who has not scored a single goal so far this semester, Became the spark plug for the Nordeno teamTo that extent both of his team’s goals were born from his feet.

First, in 23 minutes, The Dutchman was on the mark and Maxi Meza was waiting He passed him to serve the ball and the move went perfect as Argentina signed a low shot and scored the first goal of the match.

Already 33 minutes, again Johnson served as a postmaster, this time assisting Jose AlvaradoPutting 2-0 down with the left foot made it clear which team was better.

However, Víctor Manuel Vucetich gave his team a break, and when he returned to the field after the break, a balanced game was seen., Although not clear. Because of the layer of change that occurs in all friendly matches, it always leads to worse matches.

Only A genius from Miguel Lyon in the 79th minute, he made it 2-1 With a shot from outside the area, he was able to shake up the match despite being too late to equalize.

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