Ian Legoretta, from Atlético San Luis, dies in a car accident

Ian Legoretta, from Atlético San Luis, dies in a car accident

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The Athletic San Luis He received a heavy blow after death Ian Joshua Legoretta Chora, Footballer 19 years And part of the team Sub 20.

“We are sorry for the allergy Ian Legoretta diesOur team player Sub 20. Our condolence To all his friends and family, “wrote Box Potosino on social networks.

The defender had lost his life in a car accident early Sunday morning, when Bump into your car Against a tree when you leave the avenue Salvador Nava, in San Luis Potosi.

Legoretta Chora He fully developed his career with Athlete saint Lewis, in the Under-17 category, without making his debut in section One from Liga MX.

According to the newspaper San Luis code, The young soccer player ran into a tree when he was speeding and died of it at the scene.

The media also said that After the fatal accident there is still robbery. Because there were people who stole his belongings, such as his wallet with personal documents, which prevented his identification from that moment, and even the spare tire of the car. Bother.

Motorists who noticed the accident called emergency services; However, the medics from an ambulance decided so Legoretta Chora There he died of various wounds, including a fractured skull.

And then, after that, the staff from Police investigation Together with the staff Criminology and expert services.

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