iFixit tears up iPhone 12 mini, shows how Apple strangled it all

iFixit tears up iPhone 12 mini, shows how Apple strangled it all

iFixit is there Posted The tears of the iPhone 12 Mini, it is clear from the outside: the smaller version of the iPhone 12, with no missing features or components. However, some of those components — especially the battery — are slightly smaller than this phone’s 6.1-inch big brother.

The iFixit found that the battery measures at 8.57Wh. In comparison, the iPhone SE-actually has a larger body — it has a smaller 6.96Wh battery, while both the larger iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have 10.78Wh batteries. This very closely graphs the findings of battery tests: the iPhone 12 Mini offers better battery life than the iPhone SE or iPhone 8, but cannot beat its larger siblings.

Other compressed components detected by IFixit include a small top engine and a loudspeaker. Also, some of the display-related components have been moved, and there are only two display cables (compared to the third of the iPhone 12).

One thing is not measured much, however: the camera. The iFixit suggests the decision to keep the camera balanced between the Mini and the 12, which certainly came at the expense of some battery life. The smaller camera system may have accommodated a little more battery size.

As always, iFixit’s tearful focus is on device repair. For repairs, the iFixit gave the iPhone 12 a score of six out of 10 out of 10, noting that the two most common subjects for repair were the screen and the battery with easy access. However, the glass is difficult to re-serve, indicating a bad fall “to replace the entire body of the iPhone.”

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To learn more about what’s on the logic board, and to explore and repair some differences between the US and EU versions of this phone, check out iFixit Full tears.

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