IFUAP celebrates 32 years of outstanding science practice and human resource training

IFUAP celebrates 32 years of outstanding science practice and human resource training

To celebrate their anniversary, think about “Challenges and Prospects for Their Graduate Courses”

As part of the activities of the thirty-second anniversary of the Institute of Physics (IFUAP) “Ing. Luis Rivera Terrazas”, this center distinguished by the quality of its research work and human resource training, organized a round table entitled “Challenges and Perspectives for IFUAP Postgraduate Courses”, in which they raised their successes, but above all, the new guiding principles that will guide their work in the future.

The Vice-Chancellor for Research and Postgraduate Studies, Dr. Ignacio Martinez Laguna, participated in this thinking exercise, who stated that the method of generating knowledge in this institute adheres to the discipline and work they have done. He noted that academic activities should start from a national and governmental framework, as well as an internal policy that has already been laid out in the Institutional Development Plan, proposed by University President Lilia Cedillo Ramirez.

The way science is practiced, he said, is already adding different contexts that require a deep interaction that includes both interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary, in addition to meeting the demand for open knowledge and a commitment to new demands. From this standpoint, he pointed to the need to restructure new educational programs in order to evaluate them, based on a new vision that addresses indicators such as inclusion, a gender perspective, and sustainable development.

Similarly, Dr. Yadira Navarro Rangel, Director General of Postgraduate Studies, participated in this commemorative activity and, after noting the strengths of IFUAP’s MSc and PhD degrees in the fields of physics and materials science, pointed out that part of the challenges. They should focus on innovating their courses of study to attract more students and increase their mobility.

Also present were the Director of IFUAP, Dr. Felipe Pérez Rodriguez, and Dr. Roberto Cartas Fuentivilla, the Physics Graduate Coordinator; Enrique Quiroga González, Postgraduate Course Coordinator in Materials Science and Dr. María Estela Calixto Rodríguez, Academic Secretary.

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