“I’m ashamed, we will take action.”

“I’m ashamed, we will take action.”

BARCELONA – John Laborda, pointed out by the key from the press room, “There’s a bug here, we’re waiting for an explanation”, appeared unexpectedly in front of the club’s TV cameras to show his “anger” at Camp Nou. , Filled with German fans a film never seen before and caused opposition from Barcelona fans.

“What happened is a shame, it’s something that can not be repeated,” he declared. “We already have a good area, we need time to implement it, but it is clear we will. Take action.

“We can not avoid certain situations, but we must be more serious and not allow situations that have occurred throughout history,” Laborda said. Said.

“As a Coole I am very ashamed to see so many fans of the contestant and so few of our fans. I’m ashamed and sorry for what happened,” he admitted, understanding Xavier’s complaints. “I understand him, he’s right. What he enjoyed happened to all the Catalans who came to the game. As a result of the information we received, we will take action because of the circumstances we studied. It will not happen again, because it is so serious,” he warned. “Now we have to be very tough because it continues, and I hope people will come to cheer on the team from now on,” he concluded, before admitting it in football, “situations like this happen. We have sadness and anger, but we have to go ahead and fight for La Liga.”

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