‘I’m going back to my loneliness,’ William Valdes tears apart after leaving MasterChef Celebrity Mexico

‘I’m going back to my loneliness,’ William Valdes tears apart after leaving MasterChef Celebrity Mexico

William Valdes The fourth became excluded from Celebrity Masterchef Mexico His participation in the most famous Mexican cuisine was crowned as one of the most controversial participants in this season recently. “Come joy” Some as yet unknown aspects of his participation in the hit reality show and he took the opportunity to talk about the various controversies he was involved in.

to start, William Valdes He was recognized by fellow broadcasters and confirmed that he did not enter MasterChef Celebrity Mexico With the intent to win but to learn more about Mexican gastronomy, so he is proud of his role, however, the Cuban realized that he had become one of the most hated participants in the program, so he confirmed it You will be more humble.

“I go back to my unit”

After becoming the fourth excluded from MasterChef Celebrity MexicoWilliam Valdes of Mexico’s most famous kitchen retired in tears, confirming it He will return to his unit, So his comment sparked a lot of uncertainty among the program’s followers, but he finally revealed the reason for his words.

William Valdes He confirmed that he said he would return to his unit because he considers the production members and fellow broadcasters from his family and to stop seeing them would be a severe blow, in addition, He indicated that he lives alone in Mexico and that he is far from his family to leave MasterChef Celebrity It will have an impact on your daily life.

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Clarify your differences with Chef Herrera

As we mentioned before, William Valdes He was one of the most controversial participants this season and friction with Chef Adrian Herrera And they didn’t wait, noting that these disagreements didn’t just happen in front of the cameras because he confirmed that the dreaded judge made bad comments outside the program, but he confirmed it. He has some respect because he perfectly fulfills his mission of despairing the participants And although he understood late, he said that he would ignore this situation.

finally, William Valdes Note that These lawsuits with Chef Herrera were also learning Because he now realizes that in addition to his annoyance, Chef Herrera tried to get the best of the Cuban driver in the kitchen.

Who are the rest of the MasterChef Celebrity Mexico participants?

After the departure of Javier Vazquez, Jorge Aravena, Matilda Obregón and the final elimination of William Valdes, the participants who have so far remained in the competition MasterChef Celebrity Mexico They are Aida Cuevas, Laura Flores, Aristo Cazares, Petti Navidad, Tony Ballardi, Laura Zapata, Jose Joel, Stephanie Salas, Mauricio Islas, Alicia Machado, David Salomon, La Pepchita, Paco Chacon, Jimena Pérez “La Choco” Germain and .

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