Important news and reactions to the attack live

Important news and reactions to the attack live

Spain and Portugal on Thursday condemned Russia’s military operations against Ukraine.

The president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, criticized Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, while expressing solidarity with the “Ukrainian government and its people.”

“The Spanish government condemns Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and expresses its solidarity with the Ukrainian government and its people. I am in close contact with the EU and our allies and allies in NATO to coordinate our response,” Sanchez tweeted on Thursday.

The National Security Council of Spain will meet at 6 a.m. ET (local 12 p.m.) on Thursday, and Sanchez will address the ET at 7:30 a.m. (1:30 p.m.) to discuss the current crisis.

The Spanish government raised its condemnation in a statement on the Moncloa website, strongly condemning the military occupation of Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

“This is utterly unjustified aggression, unprecedented gravity and a blatant violation of international law, endangering global security and stability,” Moncloa said in a statement.

“Before the number of casualties can increase, wars must be stopped immediately, and troops must return to the internationally recognized territory of the Russian Federation,” he added.

The Spanish government statement reiterated Sanchez’s message of support and solidarity with Ukraine, saying he was “coordinating with EU partners and NATO allies in response to the seriousness of the Russian Federation’s illegal activities.”

The report concludes, “The head of government, Pedro Sanchez, will attend an extraordinary European Council called to establish the EU’s response to this intolerable military invasion.”

Meanwhile, Portugal on Thursday expressed its own condemnation of Russia’s actions on Twitter by its Prime Minister Antonio Costa.

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“I strongly condemn Russia’s military action against Ukraine. I will meet with the Foreign Minister, the Minister of National Defense and the Supreme Leader of the National Armed Forces (CEMGFA), “Costa tweeted.

“I have asked the President of Portugal to convene an emergency meeting of the High National Security Council. My thoughts are with the Ukrainian people under this unjust and regrettable attack, “Costa added.

The Portuguese Foreign Ministry, along with the Prime Minister, posted a strong condemnation message on Twitter.

“The military action launched by Russia this morning in the territory of Ukraine is an unjust occupation and a serious violation of international law, which we condemn and must stop immediately,” the Portuguese Foreign Ministry tweeted.

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