In addition to Chivas, the other club that has already closed the doors to Chofis López

In addition to Chivas, the other club that has already closed the doors to Chofis López

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The fact is that Lopez is no longer part of the plans of the Rojiblanca board of directors and therefore they will try to find him a new club.

© imago 7Kofi does not have a guaranteed future

Chivas de Guadalajara will not give Eduardo Lopez a new chance to return to the series of random streaks This is for the driving he drives Amaury Vergara and Ricardo Peláez, unforgivable, as they tried to adapt him into a team Before his contract expired in 2022 and one Liga MX club had already closed the doors for the talented footballer.

It was in 2020 when Chavis left his fate certain forever In the sacred flock to be part of a party without the consent of the directionOh, that’s why he’s suspended from campus until 2021 Matias Almeida gave him the opportunity to resume his career with the San Jose Earthquakes in the NBA, Where he did not perform poorly, scoring 12 goals in his first career.

But everything indicates that the US team will not buy the footballer’s letter And they will leave him free in search of continuing his journey in the place that suits him. That’s why Chivas has listened to their service offerings and although there are two possibilities In Mexican football, the door is already closed.

Necaxa told her that to Chuves Lopez

According to journalist Jesus Bernal, Rayos del Necaxa directed by Jaime Lozano didn’t have Eduardo Lopez in their sights, following releases that indicated Because he was on the shortlist, so it will be another team that can bring the quick player back home Cruz Azul, although there is nothing official at Guadalajara’s driving table.

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They state that they already have proposals. In the case of Chofis, he is persona non grata in Chivas by Amaury Vergara and they will seek to negotiate with him. One possibility is Cruz Azul and I asked my contacts and they told me that in Necaxa no, they don’t see it possible to transfer it to their team, so we’ll have to see what happens.Let’s see what Chivas achieves and how he can absorb it in the next tournament.”And the The statement said.

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