In Marathon they respond to the absence of Kervin Arriaga: “The players who don’t play are always the best, right?” – ten

In Marathon they respond to the absence of Kervin Arriaga: “The players who don’t play are always the best, right?”  – ten

tattoo garcia “He didn’t come out because he was so cheerful,” the technical assistant explained. marathon, Uruguayan Rafael Canovas, who attended the press conference afterwards 3-0 win over Olympia Who eliminated them in the playoffs after the aggregate score 3-1.

The second coach explained what happened on the field where they could not face Rahil Mario Martinez Half an hour before the match that upset their plans and from there the match differed in his opinion.

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Likewise, he spoke of the issue of untouchables Kervin Aryaga, who did not make the trip to Tegucigalpa and trained with reserve in the days prior to their exclusion from the team for the remainder of the tournament, As confirmed by TE.

And what about Sampdranos who runs through Lake Yogoa and is already losing to the capital’s teams? Canovas This is indicated why the game is limited by marathon In the final stage of the tournament. Now is the time to think about what will come of it ending.

Slack from back

“Coming to play Tegus is not how you say it gives us slack. When we got to Honduras, they told us that Sampdrano runs across the lake and that… I think the farms against Olympia and Motagua (the CONCACAF federation) are put on par.”

Martín ‘Tato’ García did not attend the press conference after eliminating Marathon against Olympia.exclusion analysis

“congratulations for OlympiadWe played a good game as planned, but that’s it. You have to turn the page and think about what is to come. The advantage was in San Pedro where it was possible to have a wider advantage, and we know the importance of Mario Martinez, who came off in the 26th minute and the transplant was another addition to the game. We couldn’t counter his absence or get the (ball possession) sequence we’ve been accustomed to throughout the tournament. Olympia scored (2-0) in 80 minutes when the team was disorganized and there were players performing jobs in other positions due to the conditions of the match, but they are not excuses.”

Arriaga’s topic: Was your existence any different?

“Cirvin and Mario are two different players. What happened with Arriaga I don’t have to explain, we already know he won’t be in this part of the tournament. He is undoubtedly an important player for the club, we don’t have them, and we are the main losers because we know he can hit us in circumstances.” Different. We trust a lot in the team we have, but hey, like Monday’s paper: Players who don’t play are always the best, right?

We’ll see what happens to him, Marathon is a very big organization, all of us, fans, board of directors… He has many marathon players.”

Without the start of the season, they made it to the playoffs they’re wearing

We arrived in San Pedro Sula and we only had 20 days before the season and we had to squeeze that and there is a physical condition that cannot be ignored, the human body occupies certain days to cope with the days off and the marathon has not been played since April 28, about 3 months, and we needed about 40 .

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It’s not an excuse because when we arrived we knew that at a certain moment the team would not perform as well as it had initially been. As the saying goes … You fill the refrigerator, you go to the supermarket and fill it with everything, and at a certain moment you have to go back to the “supermarket” to fill it up. We didn’t have enough days, we did two or three shifts (from work), the way the tournament was held between league And cup, did not give us to fill the “refrigerator”; Doing basic, aerodynamic and technical-tactical work that did not give us time, it is impossible to load the player with certain physical conditions. ”

There are positive things

“We are assessing positively, we are not happy, we want to be champions, but there is only one champion. Good things came out, such as continuing to play with the under-20 players, we doubled them in organizing minutes and used two of them as regulars in the league. The club material should be upgraded. “.

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