“In the second half we were not able to compete, we made notable mistakes”

“In the second half we were not able to compete, we made notable mistakes”


Hit by 5-0 batting ceded to Seattle SoundersTechnical motaguaAnd the Diego VazquezHe appeared at the conference to show his face and talk about the shameful judiciary CONCACAF Champions League.

“The match is divided into two parts, a good first half, with some mistakes maybe, in the second, the truth is that we were not competitive, we made very noticeable mistakes, individual mistakes and that’s why we ended up suffering and losing because of such a big degree,” he began explained.

“We changed the system, we tried to get in more people and have a bigger presence at the top, but in the end we suffered a lot,” he added.

Diego started with 4 defenders, in the complement he changed to a 5 defender streak and ended up in a disaster. He admitted he was wrong about that.

“We were going a good first half up to the goal, I didn’t see what the players were saying, VAR and yellow starts if he looks at him, but not that. We changed because we wanted to be more offensive with the arrivals from the lanes, we wanted to put more people in the area and not go out. We somehow wanted to get the match and it was a mistake on our part.”

What positivity can be saved from 5-0 against? Diego answered that and said that the artificial turf at Lumen Field had its effect in the end.

“The best first half we did, we had the system and the fight, we dropped that goal from a group that we have to review because (Roberto) Moreira has a player sign on his chest. I stayed with it, but it was hard for us to get a foothold on that court, surface We don’t deal with it at all and they do it well, they play with one touch, they give a lot of space and they know this synthetic court very well,” he closed.

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