Russia declares that its goal is to demilitarize Ukraine, not occupy it ›World› Granma

Russia declares that its goal is to demilitarize Ukraine, not occupy it ›World› Granma

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, argued, after ordering a special military operation in the Ukrainian region of Donbass, “They simply did not leave us the choice to act in another way, it is an action that we had to take.”

“Circumstances require us to take resolute and immediate measures. The Donbass People’s Republics have asked Russia for help; therefore, we are acting in accordance with Article 51, Chapter 7 of the Charter of the United Nations, and in conformity with the Treaties of Amity and Mutual Assistance,” he said, giving the green light to the process.

He declared himself “frankly surprised” that the West did not respond to alternatives to the dialogue on security guarantees in Europe, which “did not advance a single millimeter”, while the Ukrainian military harassment of the Donbass population continued, and its aggressiveness increased. Policy against Russia, encouraged by NATO.

A report issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense announced, Thursday, that its armed forces are not attacking the civilian population, but rather “disrupting the Ukrainian military infrastructure with high-precision weapons”, since the goal, as they declared, is to disarm the nation, not occupy it.

Knowing that they were the main ones responsible for the conflict, the allied governments in the West rushed to issue several packages of sanctions against Russia, despite NATO’s announcement that it would not deploy troops to Ukraine, as it is not a member state.

Cuba declared the need to maintain international peace and security, in the face of the aggressive campaign against Russia by the United States and NATO, which led to the current situation.

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