In the UK, Amazon will no longer accept Visa credit card payments from January

In the UK, Amazon will no longer accept Visa credit card payments from January

Online commerce giant Amazon on Wednesday indicated to its UK customers by email that it will stop accepting payments using Visa credit cards “as of January 2022”.

The online shopping group explained this measure, noting that it is due to “the high fees that Visa charges for processing transactions made using credit cards.”

Customers will be able to continue to make their payments using debit cards, including those of that company and other credit cards issued by companies other than Visa.

“The cost of accepting card payments continues to be an obstacle to businesses thriving in order to provide the best rates to customers,” an Amazon spokesperson said.

The source pointed out that “these costs should decrease over time with advances in technology, but remain high or even rise.”

“As a result of the changing payment environment around the world, we will continue to innovate for customers to add and promote faster, cheaper and more comprehensive payment options in our stores around the world,” the same spokesperson added. EFE

A Visa spokeswoman clarified that “UK shoppers can use their Visa debit and credit card on Amazon UK today and during the holiday season.”

“We are very disappointed that Amazon threatens to limit consumer choices in the future,” the spokeswoman admitted, emphasizing that “when consumer choice is limited, no one wins.”

He stressed that Visa has an “enduring relationship with Amazon” and emphasized that it “will continue to work on a solution, so that consumers can use their Visa credit card in Amazon UK without restrictions imposed by Amazon since January 2022.”

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