Travis Baker and Kourtney Kardashian criticized for ’embarrassing’ PDA demonstration at a friend’s wedding

Travis Baker and Kourtney Kardashian criticized for ’embarrassing’ PDA demonstration at a friend’s wedding

Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Parker Received criticism after a public display of emotion occurred during Wedding From a friend in a few days Kendall Jenner He will provoke a backlash by attending a wedding in a bespoke dress.

Over the weekend, the newly engaged couple attended the wedding of their friend Simone Hawke and star keeping up with the Kardashians Posted many Pictures her and parker of that night.

“On the way to simonhuckpiptherip chapel,” Kardashian commented PicturesShe wears a long black dress with long sleeves details.

in their stories about InstagramThe founder of Poosh also shared other moments from the wedding, and retweeted them Video This shows her sitting on Parker’s lap during the wedding ceremony.

In the video, posted by Derek Blasberg, with the caption: “Oh yeah, happy birthday @travisbarker,” Kardashian can be seen sitting face-to-face on her fiancé’s lap, dancing as the wedding guests watch her.

During the public display of their affection, which took place while the band “All the Small Things” was playing. flicker 182 From Parker, Kardashian has also been photographed leaning towards kissing the drummer.

Since then, videos of the interaction have been circulating social networksFans wondered if the couple’s behavior was appropriate for the wedding.

“Why is this uncomfortable to watch? In a room full of people (including his mother) at a wedding. It’s all for love, but keep the feast behind closed doors, Kourtney and Travis”, chirp Person.

Another said, “Was Kourtney Kardashian riding Travis Parker to the beat of ‘all the little things’ in the middle of a wedding or am I seeing things? Ha ha ha.”

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Another added, “Sorry, but ma’am, keep that nonsense when you come home.”

Others pointed out that the couple’s “embarrassing” display of affection was worse than Jenner’s sister Kardashian’s recent mistake: the model wore a short black dress to a friend’s wedding.

“They talk about Kendall Jenner because she wore an inappropriate dress to a wedding, but imagine someone doing that at your wedding. Kourtney and Travis, I love you, but please, someone else wrote.

While many fans criticized the behavior of the wedding guests, others defended the couple, with one writing “I love how affection is so unabashedly shown in public,” while another said, “I love how safe it is.” [y] Free because she’s with Travis, she does whatever she wants, and doesn’t care what other people think now. I want what they have. really”.

The couple, who became engaged last month after ten months of dating, are known for their public display of affection, and are often photographed while embracing.

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