Ingrid Betancourt opposes Pidad Cordoba – political parties – politics

Ingrid Betancourt opposes Pidad Cordoba – political parties – politics

Ingrid Betancourtcandidate for the presidency of the Green Oxygen Party, gave full credibility to the accusation against Cordoba piety By reaching an agreement with the FARC fighters at the time to postpone his release and thus obtain political gains.

(In the context of: Piedad Córdoba denies being the “Teodora” of Farc)

“This former congresswoman today on Gustavo Petro’s campaign deliberately postponed my release for political gain,” said Ingrid Betancourt.

“It’s part of the corrupt political class that tried to get me out of politics,” he said.

About Pidad Cordoba Today in Colombia there is a very serious accusation. She would manipulate the release of the hostages, in coordination with the leadership of the extinct FARC, in a plan that included her promotion as potential president of Colombia, even to the point of He put obstacles to the release of Ingrid Betancourt and the three North American contractors.

Andres Vázquez, his former advisor, stated this before the judicial authorities: “There are various agreements between the three parties, from which everyone benefits, among them is that if the kidnappers are handed over to Chávez, Chávez increases his popularity and increases his popularity. Who won the referendum. Who came On December 7, 2007 which also pushed Pidad to the question of the peace process to be president, snail news.

(In the context of: Pidad’s ex-adviser testifies before the prosecution and returns the charges against him)

Pidad Cordoba and members of the FARC

In the press note, Vásquez reportedly witnessed a meeting with the FARC leadership – where they were, according to his testimony, Ivan Marquez, Raul Reyes, Rodrigo Granda and Jesus Santrich– In a guerrilla camp on the Colombian-Venezuelan border. He himself claims that it was at the meeting that the former senator suggested to the combatants how they should present evidence of the hostages’ survival.

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“Public opinion saw it very badly when the kidnapped came out, for example, in the survival tests, in chains, tied up (…) Please do this, better present them, and when they were released, the releases did not come out as if they were buried under ground, but there was at least an aesthetic arrangement so that it did not look bad at the time of departure. It was discussed,” he says in the audio provided by the news.

Pidad had a release schedule in her head. And he had a schedule of special releases according to the hierarchy. Pidad wanted the French government to put pressure on human exchange, so it was important for her not to release Ingrid first. If they want to keep France in the peace process, they won’t be able to release Ingrid.”

Faced with the pressure the FARC felt at the time to release Ingrid Betancourt, according to former advisor Vásquez, Piedad Córdoba had resorted to all kinds of arguments to avoid it, even questioning the precarious health of the hostage.

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Ingrid Betancourt

“In a conversation Pidad had with a guerrilla, I commented that people criticize the issue of survival tests, that Ingrid looks skinny, but Ingrid has always been skinny, and this is the comment that Pidad and I make confirm that Pidad did not say that at that meeting Not only with those gangs, but she said it many times with other types of actors (…) as people said that Farc They let Ingrid die, but Ingrid was always skinny,” Vasquez emphasized in an audio recording. snail news.

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At that time, the FARC proposed to the government exchanging the hostages for imprisoned fighters to increase international pressure. Cordoba and the rebel group have reportedly agreed to a postponement liberating Americans.

“For her it was important that the North Americans not leave first, because Pidad was committed to the fact that part of the human exchange includes Simon Trinity and Sonya. There was a special affection from Pidad for Trinidad and she also had a special affection for Sonya, and she saw that they were unjustly imprisoned in the United States.”

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Although the fighters decided who to set them free, according to the former advisor, Córdoba had a significant influence on those decisions.

“In the end, it was the FARC that decided, and Pidad made recommendations. (…) Pidad, after a while and thanks to the sign of its proximity to Chavez, with its administrative ability, FARC began to believe Pidad really, really, I tell you, it’s over They order Santeria sessions to fix her eyes. SanrichThings like that,” he said.

The presidential candidate now lends credence to this narrative and accuses Cordoba piety To “delay” his release. A very serious accusation.


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