Inspired by the mind-driven ‘Avatar’ movie, Mercedes Benz presented a futuristic car without steering.

Inspired by the mind-driven ‘Avatar’ movie, Mercedes Benz presented a futuristic car without steering.


6 September 2021 22:43 GMT

The prototype is equipped with sensors that detect where the driver is looking and both brain waves, to perform a specific action.

Mercedes Benz vehicle manufacturer Given At the International Motor Show in Munich (Germany) this Monday, September 6, the prototype of its new technology, inspired by the Avatar film, integrates a system Perceives the driver’s brain function Then translates it into certain actions and commands.

This is because Vision AVDR, a system based on visual perception, is a car To The dots of light projected on the digital dashboard work in conjunction with a brain-to-computer interface device with portable electrodes that connect to the back of the driver’s head.

The system requires a calibration period, after which Can record the function of the brain. When the user adjusts their view at a certain point on the board, The device detects it and performs the desired task.

Also, this vehicle has no steering wheel and your hand is controlled by the A’s Console located between the front seats, It can identify him by that person’s heartbeat and breathing. Even when the hand is raised, a menu is planned in the palm of the hand, allowing the traveler to move on to different activities.

It is capable of providing travelers with detailed information about the environment such as ultraviolet light, bioenergy and magnetic fields.

The Mercedes Benz Vision AVDR Gives A Electric motor for each wheel, It can move sideways, its power is more than 350 kW and it has a range of 700 km.

Meanwhile, it is on its back 33 small multi-directional ilrons They perform a variety of functions as they enhance aerodynamic performance and also reveal the driver’s attitude when accelerating, braking or turning.

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