El Tornillito Dam will be funded by CABEI

El Tornillito Dam will be funded by CABEI

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

head Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE), Dante Muse, announced that this entity will finance the hydroelectric power plant project screw, employment Villanueva, Curtis.

I want to announce that we are very close to developing financing for a very large private investment, the El Tornillito Dam that will block the Ulúa River and help mitigate the floods in the Sula Valley.said the head of the regional banking organization.

Project investment up to 600 million dollars. The Ulúa River, one of the largest rivers in the country which runs through the northern region of Sola ValleyIt will be a tributary of the dam.

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Tropical Storms in November Eta y Utah, flog HondurasEspecially in the north, where there are municipalities Curtis, some from Santa Barbara and Euro They suffered from floods whose destruction is still notorious today.

The waters of Ulúa and Chamelecón destroyed hundreds of kilometers of farmland, as well as communities and facilities in the area. This scourge continues, and despite the government’s efforts to rebuild retaining walls along the rivers, experts and the government itself have put their fingers to the test on the issue of dam construction.

These constructions, in addition to being used as generators of electric power, would contribute to the mitigation of floods, and to keep the waters of the rivers in question on their course from western Honduras, in the mountainous region.

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The El Tornillito project is being implemented in the El Perico sector, between the municipalities of Villanueva and San Antonio de Cortés.

They don’t forget ENEE

Moussa pointed out that the electricity sector “You shouldn’t feel abandonedFor CABEI, because they continue to “resolutely support the right policies.” “This is regarding the issue of saving the state-owned company National Electricity Company (ENEE).

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“We support a rescue plan ENEEAnd that through the division of the company. The reform program is ambitious. “It is the last stage to save the electricity company,” he added.

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