The European team that wants to stay with Urbelin Pineda

The European team that wants to stay with Urbelin Pineda

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Rojiblanco is increasingly losing hope of securing the services of the talented Mexican midfielder for the following season.

© imago 7The European team that wants to stay with Urbelin Pineda

Five days before Guadalajara kicks off its inaugural 2022 tournament, The situation with Orbelín Pineda is still at a dead end and little by little hopes that it will be a boost to this campaign, since now a new team has come out He is interested in the wheel and not in Liga MX, so the chances of him staying in Europe increase.

El Maguito’s case is not economic, because he wants to stay in football in Spain Even if he’s not with him Celta de Vigo, the club he wants to sell to close a real deal, because it didn’t cost them a penny And they could get about five million dollars for their services. In this regard, one of the Iberian football clubs had already shown interest in the Mexican.

“Everything is exactly the same, I have been talking to Chivas residents for a while, they had no answer. They were hoping there would be an answer today (yesterday), but today Rayo Vallecano joined, the first team to show interest. It must be remembered that it is not an economic issue, Guadalajara made an important proposal, the issue is that Orbelin He wants to stay yes or no in Europe and to take advantage of the fact that even the preliminary seasons have not started in Europe, the footballer will expand the league as much as he can find a place to stay in Europe.”

“No (he won’t continue at Celta), Celta wants to sell it because he’s going to do his life’s work, because it didn’t cost them pesos and Guadalajara. Offer five million dollars. Celta wants to sell it to Chivas, but Urbelin wants to continue in Europe.”And the This was part of what journalist David Medrano commented on Azteca Deportes.

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vote At this point, are you still confident about Orbelín’s arrival?

At this point, are you still confident about Orbelín’s arrival?

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When will Chivas debut at the 2022 opening?

Guadalajara with renewed illusions for this new semester Where they will try to return to the top of Mexican football, so The track will begin next Saturday, July 2 at 5 p.m. at Akron Stadium, A duel in which the people of Guadalajara will get the enhanced Juarez Club.

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