Iruel Sanchez, theoretician of the Cuban dictatorship’s propaganda apparatus, has died

Iruel Sanchez, theoretician of the Cuban dictatorship’s propaganda apparatus, has died

Eruel Sanchez Espinosa passed away Thursday afternoon at the age of 58 in Havana, Cuba. Sanchez was considered a theoretician of the Cuban dictatorship’s propaganda apparatus. On Al Jazeera, he is recognized as a journalist, political analyst, writer, editor and audiovisual producer.

Today the Cuban Revolution has lost a son who was devoted to it and to the socialist ideal to the end of his energies. As a tireless thinker, Eruel Sanchez leaves behind great and valuable work and is a model of the all-around revolutionary. “Sincere hugs to family, colleagues and friends,” the dictator wrote on his Twitter account. Miguel Diaz-Canel.

Sánchez Espinosa ran the Abril Publishing House and was president of the Cuban Book Institute and the organizing committee of the Havana International Book Fair.

Cuba’s Ministry of Culture and Communication adds that Sánchez Espinosa “was one of the founders of the digital cultural magazine La Jiribilla and actively participated in the creation of the network of intellectuals, artists and social activists in defense of humanity.”

From the various organs and media institutions of the dictatorship, Eruel Sanchez was a key piece of “thought networking” control of the Internet.

Whether in his texts that he has published on the Internet or in the television program La Pupila Asombrada, Sánchez attacked any political or intellectual activist who questioned the Cuban dictatorship.

Due to his leading role in the propaganda and censorship apparatus of Castro’s dictatorship, in 2017 he was included in the list of “Cuban Rectors” of the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FDHC), who considered him an asset. Collaborator of Section 3 of the Counterintelligence Ministry of the Interior, responsible for monitoring the cultural, artistic and academic sector in Cuba.

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Cuban playwright Unior García Aguilera, persecuted by the Cuban dictatorship, pointed out on Twitter Sanchez’s methods against the opposition.

Iruel Sanchez, a follower of the Castro Taliban, one of Cuba’s most sinister ideologues and architects of repression and censorship, has died.. Even the majority of intellectuals and cultural figures who still sympathized with the regime “disliked Irwell”.

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