Mahoney Vident confirms that Octavio Ocaña feared for his life

Mahoney Vident confirms that Octavio Ocaña feared for his life

dear case Octavio Okana, famous in turn as Benito rivers in the series Neighbour She still gives a lot to talk about and is now a celebrity Reverend Vident Who talks about what happened on the unfortunate October 29.

Cuban shared a video on her YouTube channel in which she talks about the case and asserts that Benito feared for his life, which is why he did not stop starting a police chase and ended up affected by the retaining wall.

According to Mahoney Vident, warnings have been received for months about the damage that can be done Octavio Okana Which is why his father put him on security.

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Knowing this situation, of course, the young actor did not stop when he saw the patrol behind him because, according to the fortuneteller, “he feared for his life, and for this he did not stop.” Unfortunately, the end was more than unfortunate. ..

They had already threatened him, and things had already begun months ago, so the father gave him persons to take care of him, but these people who looked after him were the father’s friends, older men; But I see betrayal within one of Octavio’s friends or people close to him, Money Vident shared.

Who did Famous Thanks to programs like Sabadazzo and the Hoy Program, he has been clear about ensuring that the cops let him go by not providing him with any kind of medical support or first aid.

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The thing that the famous Cuban highlighted is that the device was activated outside the truck so it entered from the outside to the inside and not as the police deal with, because it would be the same actor who would have activated the device when the vehicle lost control. Mahoney asserts that after the truck collision they ran him against Octavio.

Many people say why he didn’t stop, because he feared for his life, Octavio Ocaña already knew that they were persecuting him and that he feared for his life and it finally happened.

Mahoney Seer also dared to say that this will all end by itself Octavio Okana, because he assured that the 22-year-old would pretend with a parent, relative or someone close to him to share in charge of everything and that he could finally rest in peace.

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