Is the change from Ben Simmons to John Wall possible?

Is the change from Ben Simmons to John Wall possible?

The Philadelphia 76ers They continue to evaluate possible solutions to the change request by Ben Simmons, who is no longer comfortable in the organization. One recent rumor points to a possible deal by veteran John Wall, but the chances of such a deal may be very slim.

wall is currently in Houston Rockets He struggled to add sports for about two and a half years due to several injuries that prevented him from playing regularly.

His huge contract prevented it from being easily negotiable and complicates the organization’s plans, because for the next two seasons he owes $91.6 million, one of the best pay in the league. NBA.

In theory, Simmons’ agreement for Wall and some supplemental numbers makes sense, given that the 76ers point guard contract includes $146 million over the next four seasons, about $36 million per season, which is somewhat less than what Wall will receive in the next two years.

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