La Jornada – We must continue to protect the democratic space: UN-DH

La Jornada – We must continue to protect the democratic space: UN-DH

Mexico City. On the International Day of Democracy, which is celebrated on Wednesday, the representative of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Mexico, Guillermo Fernandez Maldonado, noted the need to “continue to make efforts in favor of the common goal of protecting and strengthening the democratic space” in the country.

Living in a well-established democracy means that every political candidate or citizen can participate in the electoral process, as well as in public affairs, without fearing for his life or the lives of his family members. Likewise, human rights defenders and journalists can exercise the rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association at all times, freely and without fear of reprisals, he said.

“This means full acceptance that all citizens, including traditionally excluded persons, communities or groups, can actively participate in decision-making and have their voice heard, including through peaceful demonstrations of social protest, as an expression of inclusive civic engagement,” Fernandez Maldonado said in a statement. .

He pointed out that freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, association and political participation are “essential and indispensable elements for the prosperity and consolidation of a strong and healthy democracy, which requires our constant attention and care to preserve them.”

Democracy is irreversible. It can have powerful enemies and threats. Its consolidation is a daily work, which is the duty of the state as well as of all citizens; The official added that it is a prerequisite for achieving justice and respect for human dignity.

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