Isn’t Cuesta making fun of Cubans, is she the victim of hacking or the new meme star?

Isn’t Cuesta making fun of Cubans, is she the victim of hacking or the new meme star?

A week after it first appeared on TwitterAnd The “first lady” of Cuba, Not Cuesta Perazawith a post dedicated to Miguel Diaz-Canelwhich threatens in a matter of hours to assemble a record number of reactions.

“Nice he is! Moreover, inside and out: the dictator of my heart,” reads a letter from the Cuban ruler’s wife, which, in addition to irony, raised doubts about its publication of a parody. Unreasonable account.

When in doubt, several users have verified that it is not a parody account. It seems unbelievable, everything seems to indicate that it is an account Cuesta Peraza and this, effectively, would have called Díaz-Canel a dictator.

“I came from WhatsApp because I saw it in a situation and said I was dying of laughter: How do people invent. Now I see it’s not a parody”; “The first time I checked an account so often to see if it was wrong,” two comments from Cubans who made an effort to validate the post.

Ironically, some Cubans celebrate the tweet for expressing the truth, and there are those who suggest that Cuesta Peraza’s courage to “call things by their name” makes her worthy of the Cuban presidency.

“This must be the first time in 60 years that you have said something that is thoughtful Cuban people. We all agree, he’s your dictator and 11 million Cubans More,” writes Agustín Antonetti.

“Revenge is a dish served cold, good for you, Liz!” says Ingeniero Baneado, while Ernesto de la Fe celebrates.

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For the user specified as San Memero, “Cuba, the only country in the world where politicians make better memes than members“.

But ironically, if the Cuban “first lady” account has not been hacked, the fact that she called Díaz-Canel a dictator makes us wonder whether the intention of Cuesta Peraza’s letter, in addition to showing her passion for her husband, was purely ourselves in the face Cubans under dictatorship.

Or will from now on we Cubans will be able to refer to Díaz-Canel as “our dictator” without accusing him of contempt?

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