Israeli ground forces inside Gaza, a military spokesman confirmed

Israeli ground forces inside Gaza, a military spokesman confirmed

(CNN) — Israeli ground forces are inside Gaza after entering the enclave overnight from the north, military spokesman Daniel Hagari said Saturday morning.

Israeli forces “entered Gaza and expanded the ground operation to include infantry, armored and engineering units, as well as artillery,” Hagari told a press conference in Tel Aviv.

“Forces are on the ground and fighting continues,” he said, without elaborating.

The words of the spokesperson of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirm that the military operation has undergone a significant expansion after what he previously described as two “targeted raids” that took place this Wednesday night and this Thursday evening. In both attacks the ground forces retreated after a few hours.

However, any major ground offensives aimed at capturing and holding significant amounts of territory do not yet appear to be taking place.

“We are continuing to do everything we can to keep our forces safe,” Hagari said, adding that the army had not suffered any casualties in the overnight fighting.

An IDF spokesman said the Gazans who had moved south of Wadi Gaza, the waterway that separates the area’s center, were in what he called a “protected area” and would receive more food, water and medicine today, though he did not give it to them. Any details.

Hagari reiterated his call to ignore rumors of a hostage deal with Hamas, calling it a cynical move by the group aimed at promoting what he called “psychological terrorism”.

“Repatriation of hostages is a huge national effort and all our operational activities are aimed at fulfilling this objective,” he said.

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