Joe Biden is making a profit in the major states as the interested country waits for the winner

Joe Biden is making a profit in the major states as the interested country waits for the winner

“Democracy is sometimes confusing,” Biden said. “It simply came to our notice then. But that patience has been rewarded by a regime that has envied the world for more than 240 years. ”

He quietly insisted, “Every ballot must be counted.”

Surrounded by Kamala Harris, Joe Biden spoke in Wilmington, Tel., On Thursday.Drew Anger / Getty Images via Bloomberg

Hours later, in a shocking news conference, Trump lied about the ongoing vote count in several states, claiming that “legal” and “illegal” ballots had been scheduled and that states were trying to deny him re-election without evidence.

“They are trying to steal an election. They are trying to prevent an election,” the president said from the White House conference room. He called the cities with the worst black populations in Philadelphia and Detroit “the most corrupt political places.”

Often read from the notes, Trump’s comments were sometimes more valuable than opposition. Instead of insisting that he stay in power, he used most of his appearance to complain about early elections, to monster the media, to try to put a better face on Tuesday’s results, and to blow up his party’s congressional gains. He did not take questions from reporters.

For all his complaints, Trump is to blame only himself and his own party for the late turnout in many states.

In some states, local and local Republican officials refused to allow ballots to be cast before Tuesday. Because of Trump’s months of attacks on postal ballots, more Democrats voted that way than Republicans, which allowed Biden to take the bulk of the votes in the mail.

In his speech, Trump expressed no concern about the prolonged turnout in Arizona, which he is downplaying in front of Biden as more ballots are listed.

Additional security:

Republican leaders did not immediately respond to Trump’s comments, but a small section of the party condemned his comments, trying to reassure voters that there was no reason to believe the election’s integrity was undermined.

Representative Adam Kinsinger, a frequent critic of Trump, issued a stern rebuke, calling his speech “crazy” and calling for an end to “spreading false information.”

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However, there were Republican lawmakers who rushed to Trump’s defense, falsely claiming that the vote was illegal and that Democrats were trying to deceive him. Roger Williams, a spokesman for Texas, wrote: “Serious Dames sought to remove law and order, and is now seeking to remove law and order from the ballot box.”

As the world watches as one of the most extraordinary presidential elections in the country’s history comes to an end, the patchwork of US electoral laws has created a day of confusion and anger for both parties, with millions of Americans saying nothing.

Biden’s advantage in Arizona, the Associated Press has already called for a former vice president, shortened by thousands of votes listed. But in Georgia and Pennsylvania, Trump saw his early advantage diminish as mail-in votes were counted.

Until Trump’s comments Thursday night, he did not appear in public because he used Wednesday’s midnight appearance to emphasize that he had already won. But he posted angry Twitter messages, which he continued to do on Thursday.

“The recent Biden said that states will be legally challenged by us for voter fraud and state election fraud,” he said in a statement, without elaborating on exactly what was involved. “Stop the number!” He shouted in another tweet.

Condemning the president, Twitter called some of the messages “controversial” and said they could “mislead about an election or other civic process.”

In any case, stopping the count now will ensure Biden wins the presidency because he leads in Arizona and Nevada – together he says he will get 270 election votes.

Meanwhile, Republican Sen. As David Bertue saw less than 50% of the vote in the race against Democrat John Osof, a key Georgia Senate race that could determine a majority in the chamber grew even closer. If neither of them wins a majority, the race will go on to run in January, setting the stage for two Senate seats in Georgia. A run is already planned for special elections in other parts of the state.

On Thursday, a series of Trump political rhetoric went to some of the states where he competed to mobilize his supporters. The president’s attorneys have filed lawsuits in several states.

He suffered two legal setbacks on Thursday when judges in Georgia and Michigan ruled against his campaign. But Trump had a small victory in Pennsylvania, a state appeals court that forced Philadelphia election officials to give his election observers better access to areas where workers could count ballots.

As counts continued to slow in the West, much attention was focused on Pennsylvania on Thursday, where the state’s top election official said Thursday evening that a win would not allow Pitton to run for president regardless of other states. No timetable was provided for “counting” and when the count would end.

Trump’s lead in the state has shrunk as mail-in votes have been counted in largely democratic cities and suburbs.

Trump’s supporters say his presence will be held statewide, and former President Robert A. The city Democrats, led by Brady, released an analysis of the remaining votes that Biden concluded, and both parties held daytime news conferences in Philadelphia. Believe firmly in Pennsylvania.

In Georgia, traditionally the Republican Party continued to vote for Trump’s benefits in several districts: by Thursday night, he was leading by less than 4,000 votes out of nearly 5 million.

President Trump spoke at the White House on Thursday.
President Trump spoke at the White House on Thursday.Evan Wuci / Associated Press

Many in Saddam County, a Democrat-leaning district on the coast of Georgia, home of Savannah, and many more thousands of ballots from the Atlanta area districts are due to be counted later in the state. Democratic.

Georgia’s Republican Party says it plans to bring a dozen lawsuits to the state.

In Arizona, Biden’s lead was about 58,000 votes, significantly lower than it was on election night. There are millions of ballots to count, many coming from Phoenix Marigopa County, which is expected to release an update on Thursday evening.

Democrat Adrian Fonts, who oversees elections in Marigopa County, home to Phoenix, said officials will continue to release updates at 7pm daily in the East, including on weekends.

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“We’re plugging together and doing it,” Fonts said.

The vote count in Marigopa has been tense, however, as several armed protesters showed up at the district office Wednesday night. On Thursday afternoon, about 200 Trump supporters gathered in front of Arizona Republican headquarters, and about 50 Trump supporters disbanded in front of Phoenix City Hall after a protest the previous day.

Some in the crowd had signs reading “Do not steal elections”, “Shame on Fox News” and “Remember the fonts”. (Fox News called Arizona for Biden on Tuesday night, provoking Trump supporters).

Biden had a lead of just 11,000 votes in Nevada, but local officials in Las Vegas announced a 51,000-vote increase from Clark County on Thursday and that would be announced Friday. Biden beat County by about 8 percentage points. If he wins the majority of the new vote, it will be almost impossible for Trump to take over the state because 70% of Nevada’s voters live in Clark County.

As part of an attempt to sow skepticism in the state election, Trump’s Nevada state director sent a letter to supporters on Thursday asking them to “go on camera / record with the problems they faced voting in this election” at polling stations / clerks’ offices. ”

For its part, both publicly and privately, Biden’s campaign sought to dampen expectations on the stability of the results for most of Thursday in individual states, even though his supporters were on the edge, much closer than many expected.

In a conference with reporters, Biden’s campaign manager Jennifer O’Malley Dillon acknowledged that her policies in Arizona and Nevada could be tight or volatile. He stepped down the day before to mark “historic victory in a place like Arizona”, although he expressed optimism about the victories in both states.

“Like Nevada, we expect some margins to still be closed today,” he said of the state of Arizona, which he has focused on for months. “Arizona’s story is one that Joe Biden is going to win, but it will take us time and patience as we go in numbers.”

“Today’s story will be a very positive one for the vice president, but one that requires everyone to be patient and calm,” he said.

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