It enables tourist space La Casita Campo in Guairá

It enables tourist space La Casita Campo in Guairá

The new tourist destination is a large estate, previously owned by the parents of Norma Godoy, the current mayor of Mpukati, who together with her daughters decided to renovate the said facility, to make it an ideal place to rest.

The tourist place contains a large green area, swimming pools, cabins, barbecue areas, a football field, and volleyball, in addition to areas designated for children, and it also provides horseback riding and more.

Quinta de rest is about five kilometers from the center of Mbocayaty and has a road in the best conditions to get to the site in all types of vehicles.

During the opening ceremony, Minister Senator, Sophia Montiel; The owners and guests toured the facilities and had lunch. On this occasion, the musical group Oasis revived the activity.

The Minister Senator indicated that the tourist place meets the requirements of housing families who wish to separate from the city and communicate with nature, especially in an area surrounded by the Ybytyruzú mountain range.

Norma Godoy, owner of the site, said she is proud of her ability to contribute to promoting rural tourism, stimulating the local economy and providing comfort to visitors in a natural environment.

Mpukati is an area in full development and has a hill at the entrance, on the main road, which contains material messages in honor of the city. Additionally, it has ancient churches and squares that are frequently visited. RG

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