It is rumored that Chyno Miranda could be hospitalized in Venezuela

It is rumored that Chyno Miranda could be hospitalized in Venezuela

Chino Miranda can be hospitalized in Venezuela, according to The information they gave in Gossip No Like when talking about the rumors surrounding the Venezuelan singer and ex-husband of Natasha ArausAfter a year like 2021 in which he suffered from various health problems.

The Venezuelan artist has stopped his activity on his Instagram account since September 14, the date on which he published a statement expressing that he will stay away from social networking sites and thanking his family and fans for the support they gave him on the social networking site. Difficult moments in your life.

Elisa Berstein in Gossip No Like about Chyno Miranda“There are strong rumors, my dear Javier, that he is in hospital, in sensitive health, and this will be in Venezuela,” he said.

“Be careful, because we are worried about Chino Miranda,” said Javier Siriani. According to the information provided by the journalist, Chyno was with a nurse and his mother could only see him twice a week.

Likewise, Elisa Berstein remembered that After covid-19, Chyno has been left with many sequels They suffer from a somewhat sensitive disease. This disease is called peripheral neuropathy, as a result of damage to the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord. These nerves allow sensory information to travel to the central nervous system and from the brain and spinal cord directly to all parts of the body.

The illness that afflicted Chino Miranda kept him in the hospital It forced him to relearn how to do things like walk and talk.

“To all of you who have been with me in this process, which has not been easy and through which I am gradually progressing and learning, I want to share with you the moment I am in: I have lived better days than others and control of anxiety, vulnerability and fragility and what it entails has become a complex challenge that must be met so that no Only those who suffer from it understand me because there are moments when reality shifts and the mind makes plays that help us fall,” Chino Miranda in the statement he posted on September 14.

He added, “I am human and failed like everyone else. For this reason, I give myself the opportunity to work hard to get back on stage as an artist you all know, and most importantly, to be reborn from the hand of God to continue my life project.”

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