The 2021 CITMA Awards at Granma are a tribute to Cuban Flag Day (+ audio and photos)

The 2021 CITMA Awards at Granma are a tribute to Cuban Flag Day (+ audio and photos)

The Provincial Awards for Best Scientific Research and Technological Innovations of the Year 2021 were handed out in Granma, on Wednesday in the Protocol Room of Plaza de la Patria.

At the ceremony, provincial awards endorsed by Resolution 209 of 2021 issued by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) were awarded to 29 achievements of their scientific impact, related to the agricultural sector, public health, education, physical culture and others. areas of society.

In this act, which is framed on Cuban Flag Day, sixteen principals are also featured with results that have emerged over the past year for their social and environmental impact.

On his part, the Granma Regional Council for Social and Human Sciences presented the annual appreciation for the work of a lifetime to Dr. C. Aida Mercedes Serra Fernandez, Professor at the University of Medical Sciences and Dr. Guillermo Calixto González, a respected teacher with a related profession.

Similarly, Danelys Ochoa Cruzata, General Secretary of the Federation of Education, Science and Sports Workers, presented the JuanTomás Roig Federation Medal to scientists with extensive work experience.

On behalf of the winners, Dr. Physicians Julio Gonzalez emphasized that science is a driving force for the socio-economic development of the Territory, while emphasizing the commitment of the Granma scientific community to work in a dedicated and integrated manner to advance the application of science in all areas of the Society.

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