“It will be necessary to find out behind the scenes,” Aguirre in Chicharito

“It will be necessary to find out behind the scenes,” Aguirre in Chicharito

Although it is considered so Rogelio Funes Morey deserves a chance at mexican national teamRiados coach, Javier Aguirre, I would also like to know what is behind the gratuitous of Javier Hernandez The tripartite.

and that is Basque realize it Chicharito He is the all-time top scorer for Mexico and is currently having a good moment in the MLS with GalaxySo we can understand why he didn’t call him Gerardo Martino You have to know all the history that this includes.

“It is true that at the moment Javier is going through a beautiful moment in terms of goals, what the attackers have and this coincides with the absence of Raul, the injury of Pulido, whose name is Rogelio.”

“It will be necessary to know exactly behind the scenes, it is difficult to speak without information; it is very difficult for me as a coach to know what is the relationship between a coach and a player,” Vasco said.

Aguirre has at the moment defended his Albiazol player, Funes Morey, stressing that the twins love Mexico, but he indicated that he described the three color players as Guillermo Franco s Gabriel Caballero; Furthermore, her parents are from the Basque Country.

“I have been or will be, judge and part of the naturalization case, my father, my mother became naturalized Mexicans, I took Gil Franco, Gabriel Caballero, and they have children here; what can I say about Rogelio? He does not have the same rights as any Mexican.”

You will trust Alvarado Banana

Rayados was injured Vincent Janssen s Rogelio Funes Morey it is in mexican national team, but not for that they will look for another attacker, as Aguirre says he will trust Jose Alfonso Alvarado.

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“We have great confidence in him banana, this position is well covered; Funes is in a great sporting experience and Jansen has that injury, I hope he makes it to 1 history and if not, there is Platanito, I will be very calm with his participation,” he said.

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