Olympia beat Defensor Sporting 87-68 in a foreign-led match – Dedication – 16/03/2021

Olympia beat Defensor Sporting 87-68 in a foreign-led match – Dedication – 16/03/2021

After the victory of Malvin 81 against 71 over Truville, and after the victory of Maccabee over Goose, Olympiad He won 87 to 68 A. Sporting defender At Penarol Palace. This was the debut for both teams at Uruguay Basketball League 2021.

Olympia – Defender: First half

After the end of the first quarter, “red wings” were enforced from 22 to 16 days Cannons Great performance from Skyler Hogan with eight points, two rebounds and one ass. He is followed by points, Brian Garcia, with four goals.

In Violet, it was Chris Ortiz who was the highest scorer with three points, rebounds and an assist. Behind him was Gaston Bilardo with two points, three rebounds and assists.

In the second quarter, Olympiad He increased the advantage and went on to win 49 to 30 as Viola reduced his performance. The top scorer of the first half was Zygimantas Riauka, with 16 points and 3 rebounds. Regarding CannonsThe player most scored was Alejandro Acosta with six points and a rebound in about 15 minutes he played.

Olympia – Defender: The second half

At the end of the third quarter, Olympiad He extended the distance and won 70 to 48 against Defender. The figure in Olympia in the third quarter was Hogan while Ortiz continued to excel at Defensor.

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The last quarter confirmed the direction of the game for both teams and Olympia ended up winning 87 to 68 against Violet in her first appearance in Uruguay Basketball League 2021. The win, led by Riauka, was 22 points, with an impressive performance.

The highlight of Viola was Ortiz’s performance, with a score of 19.

You can see the game statistics Here.

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