Its creator lost his life at the age of eighty

Its creator lost his life at the age of eighty

Creator of the main universe games, Mark TaylorAt the age of eighty, he lost his life in his home, while he was accompanied by his partner responsible for delivering the statement through his social networks.

The creator of these games that are part of MattelHe was trying to make characters related to the future, space, and fantasy, so his designs were influenced by this idea.

Surely your childhood was full of these Personalities which Mark created and you did not know, unfortunately we have news today that he went to rest.

His designs were a great revolution, very interesting characters became very successful, and its creator was He’s the man, the skeleton, Grayscale Castle And much more.

Each character he designed was already a small size cartoons Where his story is told, the goal was to bring these games to TV and movies, which he will achieve.

Mark Taylor / Instagram

Mark Taylor fans said goodbye to him on social media.

The games made him quite popular, but thanks to pressure from the game maker and the creative team, he had to change the environment a bit and move to another company.

In the Netflix documentary Toys That Made Us, you can appreciate more of the complete history of the Masters of the Universe, as well as the mind of its creator who preceded us all the way.

We hope Mark Taylor rests in peace and passes quickly to his loved ones, family and friends.

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