Yalitza Aparicio receives 2022 with a bold look; Showing her body in a bikini

Yalitza Aparicio receives 2022 with a bold look;  Showing her body in a bikini

Yalitza Aparicio Once again caused a sensation on social networks, after this Welcome 2022 With an emotional message in his official accounts, but also by showing off bold look, since the actress was seen with a flirt bikini in purple Show off a great body.

Originally from Tlaxiaco, Oacaxa, Aparecio She made her acting debut in Alfonso Cuaron’s movie “Roma” in 2018, and soon after the film’s release her fame grew, as she was nominated for an Academy Award and other international awards that put her in the public eye.

She has always been a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, the cover of a large number of magazines as a symbol of fashion and style, proud and happy to learn about her original roots, and in fact He ended 2021 with a video on his YouTube channel where he shared how beautiful the community he was born into.

Yalitza Aparicio prides itself on a great bikini body

Although it has been removed quite a bit in recent days from social networks, well remember that in addition to her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, this year she started using TikTok, Yalitza I decided to launch 2021 and receive New Year With so much elegance, and seen like she’s never used it before bikini.

The actress showed off her body from the beach. Photo: special

Aparicio, who turned 28 on December 11And Share Video On his TikTok account, which he has replicated on his other networks. In this we can see an Oaxacan woman with her nephew, enjoying an afternoon at the beach, but what caught the attention of millions of fans of her are the photos in which she shines bikini.

The clip, which lasts for a few seconds, also shows an emotional message in which the “Roma” actress says goodbye to 2021, thanking her for all the good he gave her, and for the accompanying post she wrote:

“For a few days I have been disconnected from social networks because it is very important to me to make time for my family, but I always carry it in my heart, thank you for opening the doors of your homes and thank you for always being there. Wishing you a Happy New Year 2022. I love you.”

So far, on Instagram, post Yalitza He received hundreds of comments and nearly 40,000 “likes”, while on TikTok, the platform where the video was originally shot and has gained millions of followers for its postsShe also got hundreds of likes, which shows that the actress is and will continue to be one of the favorites on the networks.

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