“I’ve played with a lot of greats, but no one makes it that easy.”

“I’ve played with a lot of greats, but no one makes it that easy.”

nOr is it news of the situation Luka Doncic’s amazing performance in the NBA. He shows his greatness as a player in every game (something not everyone in the league does), leading a Dallas Mavericks team eager to shine and continuing to insist that this is his role. “I don’t think about the best players, I think about the championships,” the Slovenian repeats. But it is. A unique person, ordering a main course at the table of basketball giants.

Doncic pitches vs. Portland.

Doncic continues to produce performances like no other, where it doesn’t matter much whether he’s a father or if those who have done it before are playing in black and white. His latest breakdown is 40+12+10 for the Portland Trail Blazers which has Dallas in third place in the West. Launched by Luka, whose performance in the last eight matches has not dropped below 31 points.

I don’t understand why I’m not the first [por el MVP]

Markieff Morris

A worthy candidate who holds the league in awe. Although some brave souls still put him far down their MVP lists. “I don’t understand why I can’t be first,” said Markieff Morris, the veteran, “bad guy” and Doncic’s teammate. In a different analysis, he placed him among the greatest. And yes, he knows something because he shared a locker room with LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers… Being a hero.

paternal uncle. I’ve played with a lot of greats and none of them made it as easy as he did

Markieff Morris

Doncic defends LeBron.

“Man. I’ve played with a lot of greats and none of them made it as easy as he did. None of them moved like that,” he says. It’s related to how he finds advantages, making baskets out of nothing. “His advantage is that he trains as well as he plays. He brings everything to our team: he scores, he rebounds, he directs.”. He adds: “I don’t understand how he doesn’t get first place in the Best Player Award.” A voice joins Doncic’s influence. on fire.

You are facing a dual career. The ones about the best player that he doesn’t want to see, even though it’s only at this level Joel Embiid, Nikola Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo can continue. Most importantly, unify the Mavs In the Western Command. Right now in third place everything seems better.

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