“The Dominicans are very grateful and have opened their doors to us in an amazing way” (Video)

“The Dominicans are very grateful and have opened their doors to us in an amazing way” (Video)

his name is @siddharthamata Siddhartha Mata. She is a Venezuelan mother, journalist, television producer and writer. And in #Venezuela_soy he talks @nandasalas How he managed to emigrate painlessly through literature and love for his only daughter: Valeria.

The first two years of immigration were very difficult. I have to admit it. It was rather complicated. In addition, Siddhartha talked about how, thanks to literature, he was able to reunite with his inner self and accept his new reality in the Dominican Republic.“.

He says that he decided to emigrate in 2017; He moved first to Peru, following his family, and then to the Dominican Republic, where he currently lives.

Since I’ve been to the Dominican Republic, I’ve been lucky enough to work on things related to my career, I’ve been working in media and in magazines. I have worked on social media and currently work at a magazine aligned with business leadership.“, she says happily.

He fondly remembers his time at Venevisión, a company that gave him the opportunity to work on major productions such as 24 Hours, News and Corporate Responsibility.

I experienced Venezuelan television at its most glorious. Well, it has also witnessed the decline of that great medium that was Venevisión.“.

He worked on the hill canal until he took the painful migration route. He says it was a journey full of learning, growth and love. An adventure that led her to learn about herself, and inspired her to write her first book.

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I have just published my first novel: A Country Fleeing Migrants“A Story of Three Voices Tells the Story of the Ramirez Family.”A family departs from Los Valles del Tuy and goes through Peru by bus“He says proudly.

The pain is always there, however, and the Ramirez family will experience the friendly hands that will help them and all the positive things that migration also brings beyond the dramatic and terrible aspect of the displacement of so many millions of people. “..

His full story in #Soyvenezolano edition: @RebeccaFlorisel

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