Ja Morant will accompany the team during his suspension

Ja Morant will accompany the team during his suspension

The NBA has taken a new decision to suspend Ja Morant for 25 games due to his repeated carrying of firearms in videos posted on social networks. After the relevant investigation, the league opted for the above-mentioned punishment, but what was not known was that while this was happening, they would allow him to attend training, travel with the team, and thus remain integrated into the group’s structure.

The information revealed by head coach Taylor Jenkins reassured those who thought the All-Star point guard would be completely out for nearly two months.

“From our understanding now, he will be with us full time. He will participate in training, in our vitamin structure, and will travel with the team. These are all the indicators we received from the league for him to be part of our group.” grinding media city.

The purpose of his presence with his teammates at all times is nothing more than to maintain the unity and harmony of the group. The team’s general manager, Zach Kleiman, also expressed his satisfaction with this decision. “I think it’s great for Ja, and it’s great for our group,” he told Tim McMahon. espn.

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