Jackie Bracamontes strips Thalia off her little waist

Jackie Bracamontes strips Thalia off her little waist

beautiful actress Jackie Bracamontes She recently showed off her waist in a long dress and many confirmed that she looks better than nextWho won the title of best figure and of course the waist.

It is worth noting that Jacky Bracamontes recently started a project called “Así se Baila”, a production Telemundo For the Latin audience in the European Union.

The fact is that Jackie is one of the most beloved actresses and broadcasters in Mexico, despite the fact that she has been working on American television stations for several years.

However, on this occasion, he once again captured the Mexican public by sharing a photo on his official Instagram account that surprised everyone, showing his slender figure.

Bracamones shared one of the photos taken during her photoshoot for People en Español, in which you can see her wearing a long, see-through dress with a floral print that she combined with a tight black jacket, further accentuating her curves and beautiful waist, which is so small that her fans did not They last long to compare to Thalia.

The Jalisco woman was photographed by the famous Guadalajara photographer, Aurel Santana, who managed to capture the 41-year-old former beauty queen.

Jackie accompanied fashion designer Carla Gendy’s outfits with a waved hairstyle and light makeup.

As you can see, the attractive Nuestra Belleza México 2000 has never lost the affection of Mexicans, as she continues to interact with her followers in her social networks, because she usually uploads her best outfits on her Instagram account, so she is also considered a fashion influencer by many.

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It should be noted that Jackie is currently the star presenter of the hit reality show “Así se baila”, a Telemundo production for Latin audiences in the US that premiered on October 12.

Among the lawyers in this reality show are Adamari LopezMariana Swan and Christian de la Fuente.

Plus, as if that weren’t enough, Jackie Bracamontes has taught fashion and style on many occasions, and from clothes he wears in great style is dresses, showing that after 40 you can wear clothes that accentuate the female. the shape.

Of course, his fans and followers on social media immediately responded to the beauty of “Jackie” and above all, they noticed that it is not necessary to see a little outfit, because charisma is also very important and Jacqueline has it and she appears every time the camera focuses on him.

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