Jan. 6 Trump’s attempt to block access to records was rejected

Jan. 6 Trump’s attempt to block access to records was rejected

(CNN) – A federal judge will allow the US House of Representatives to access hundreds of pages of documents on Donald Trump’s previous presidency and the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill. His White House.

The Failure Tanya Sutkan, a district court judge in Washington, D.C., said Trump’s efforts to keep more than 700 pages of his White House record secret are under attack, and his legal team is likely to appeal the decision.

However, the National Archives is now on track to issue the White House’s call logs, video recordings and timetables for January 6 and three pages of handwritten notes from the then Secretary-General on Friday.

The court ruling could help the House of Representatives in seeking further information from some close to Trump. To whom sub-bonuses have been issued and have not yet spoken to the Commission.

The former Republican leader filed his complaint in Washington District Court last month, appealing for his executive prerogative and arguing that the House of Representatives’ demands for documents were “preemptively wide and purposeful” and illegal.

Pence explained why he violated the Trump order 0:53

The White House has refused to intervene to prevent access to Trump’s records. The National Archives, which inherited Trump’s record after he left office, says he will begin transferring them to the House on November 12.

What does Trump include in the White House record?

Some of the documents that Trump sought to keep secret included White House observer recordings, invitation recordings, and notes of his key aides regarding his alleged involvement in the 2020 presidential election theft and his reaction to the attack.

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The House of Representatives argued in court that Trump had no right to keep his presidential documents secret and that records were needed to restructure Trump’s actions on January 6 and his attempts to undermine the 2020 election.

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