JCE announces the restructuring of the Information Technology Department, chairing the plenary

JCE announces the restructuring of the Information Technology Department, chairing the plenary

The plenary session of the Central Electoral Council (JCE) passed a resolution stating that The new structure of the National Informatics Directorate.

The committee explained in a press statement that it issued the decision after evaluating the proposals and considerations of the various political organizations No. 09/2022 It “provides for the restructuring of the National Directorate of Information Technology of the Central Electoral Council.”

The new structure will chair the plenary session of the Electoral College Headed by Roman Andres Yaques Liranzofollowed by IT departmentwho drives Johnny Rivera.

The title has six sub-headings under it, namely Project management, quality management, civil, administrative and financial registry software engineering; identity engineering and electoral software; Technological infrastructure and information security.

The Project Management Sub-Directorate consists of the following areas: Systems and Platform Change Management. analysis of operations and services; drafting and evaluation; and project management.

In the text, the plenary session of the JCE stated that in the formation of the new structure, the proposals of the political organizations made the Reform Christian Socialist Party (PRSC), the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD); People’s Power Party (FP); Institutional Social Democratic Bloc (BIS); The Independent Movement for the Municipal Council of Consuelo (MIMCO); Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD); Quisqueño Christian Democratic Party (PQDC) and the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM).

It is noteworthy that the plenary session met last January with representatives of political parties to discuss the issue of restructuring the important field of the electoral body and identity, after which the aforementioned organizations submitted written proposals.

The restructuring comes almost two years after Failed municipal elections on February 16, 2020, After a review by the Organization of American States recommended restructuring.

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