The left has taken to the streets in Brazil to demand the dismissal of Bolsonaro

The left has taken to the streets in Brazil to demand the dismissal of Bolsonaro

Several demonstrations in major cities in Brazil on Saturday called for the launch of an impeachment process against the president, Jair Bolsonaro, a mobilization promoted by left-wing parties and organizations.

In Brasilia, the demonstration, which was mainly called by the Workers’ Party and the Communist Party of Brazil, occupied an area 10 km from Ministries Square, according to the Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo.

Labor leader Gleesy Hoffman participated in the protest in Brasilia and argued in her speech that the impeachment of Bolsonaro would not generate political instability. He said, “The instability is already with this serious crisis.”

There were also protests against Bolsonaro in Rio de Janeiro or Recife, while the demonstration began in São Paulo near the seat of the state legislature and cut the distance that separates it from the city center.

In Belo Horizonte, the meeting was in front of the Mineirao Stadium and in Salvador there was a convoy of vehicles that collected about 500 cars.

Other opposition formations but of a more conservative character, such as the Brazilian Free Movement (MBL) or Fin Pará la Cali, summoned their followers on Sunday.

According to a survey published on Saturday by Folha de São Paulo, 40% of the population consider Bolsonaro’s management of the epidemic bad or terrible, compared to 32% in the previous poll conducted in December. .

However, 53 percent of Brazilians do not believe that the House of Representatives should initiate a criminal process to remove responsibility against the president.

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