Jennifer Lopez feels that her relationship with Ben Affleck is very solid and “it’s meant to be” | Bennifer | celebrity | United States | nda | nnni | Offers

Jennifer Lopez feels that her relationship with Ben Affleck is very solid and “it’s meant to be” |  Bennifer |  celebrity |  United States |  nda |  nnni |  Offers

November ends in the best way for a singer Not only was she in the middle of filming her new movie “Mother,” but she was able to celebrate Thanksgiving in Los Angeles with her two children, Max and Amy, and her lover. . In addition, ‘Diva from the Bronx’ is going through the best moment on an emotional level and feels that her future is with the ‘Batman’ actor. ‘It’s really meant to be’. Here is a breakdown of how to strengthen one of Hollywood’s most praised relationships.

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last Thursday 25 He was able to be reunited with his family after filming his new production in Vancouver, Canada in the fall, so he took a trip to celebrate Thanksgiving as a family. They were reportedly home for dinner and that the Oscar winner spent time with his children Violet, Serafina and Samuel, as well as his ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

“Jennifer is back in LA from Vancouver to celebrate Thanksgiving with her kids and Ben (…) the past few weeks have been so intense for her (…) it’s been hard for her to be away from her sons and Ben. She’s eager to have a little break.”People source said.

JLo and Ben Affleck increasingly unite

Although he has been separated for a few weeks due to his work schedules and activities, he is also focused on his new project, “Hypnotic”, which is registered in Los Angeles and Texas; However, by the end of the year, everything will change. Which is that “Bennifer” is considering spending Christmas together and inviting Jennifer Garner to the festivities.

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“Christmas has to do with children. Although they are diametrically opposed to each other, Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez got together for the sake of children”And source for ok magazine.

This isn’t the only sign that your relationship is going through the best of times. Another informant to the magazine ‘the people’ who – which “They work very well. Jennifer loves being with Ben. She feels like she’s meant to be.”.

How did JLo and Ben Affleck get back together?

‘Bennifer’ rejoined in February 2021 after the actor emailed him while JLo was in the midst of a crisis with Alex Rodríguez. JLo and the former baseball player announced the end of their engagement on April 15. After several weeks of meetings, Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck They made their relationship official on the singer’s 52nd birthday while sailing aboard a luxury yacht on the Mediterranean.

They starred in the 2002 movie “Gigli” where they fell in love. In November they got engaged but postponed their wedding to September 2003, the year they debuted together on the red carpet; However, the end of their relationship surprised everyone in January 2004. JLo then married Marc Anthony in June 2004 and in 2005, the Oscar winner married Jennifer Garner.

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